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Sioux Falls Fire Damage Restoration

There are many concerns a person needs to think about when it comes to fire damage. A large concern of fire damage should be the effect smoke can have on the home or structure. Typically smoke from a fire not only seeps into the walls and other surfaces, but it also gets into the air ducts of the property and becomes trapped. This is why it is important to have a professional Sioux Falls fire damage restoration tech handle the clean up. If the smoke from a fire is not professionally removed from the structure, odor can reoccur. The soot from fire damage is very oily and can easily stain items within the structure, Some of the items may be textiles, draperies and carpets throughout the home or business. It is important to have your home or structure, after a fire occurs, properly cleaned and deodorized by a professional Sioux Falls fire damage restoration company.

sioux falls fire damage restorationFire Damage Restoration Process:

After a professional fire damage restoration team has properly cleaned and deodorized the home or business. The contents of the home must be cleaned and restored. Once the contents have been cleaned, your contents will be returned. However, in some cases even after a your contents have been thoroughly cleaned, a smoky odor can remain. Smoke odors after a Sioux Falls fire damage restoration team has cleaned could still remain in items such as upholstery, furniture, clothing etc. Any items that still contain a strong smoke odor will be considered un-salvageable. Any items that are found to be un-salvageable will be put on a list and returned with the salvageable contents. You will recieve a copy of the list of un-salvageable  items. This list will also be provided to the insurance company.

If a fire disaster strikes, and the home, structure, or contents of the property are not properly cleaned by a Sioux Falls fire damage restoration professional. The fire, smoke and soot damage of the structure can cause extensive long term corrosive damage to items. These corrosive fire damage items could be Formica, aluminum, porcelain, or chrome. This is why it is important to call a professionals Sioux Falls fire damage restoration team to help restore your structure and personal items.

The ServiceMaster Sioux Falls fire damage restoration professionals can remove smoke and soot from at-risk items, thus helping to avoid additional expenses from the fire. ServiceMaster uses the latest equipment and supplies in our five-step fire and smoke restoration process:

  • Emergency Pre-Cleaning
  • Content Cleaning
  • Content pack-out
  • Structure Cleaning (Wall and Ceiling)
  • Deodorization

Call the professional Sioux Falls fire damage professionals at ServiceMaster today. We are here to restore your piece of mind. For a free estimate call (605) 338-9615.